The Story of Buckin’ Ohio

The story of Buckin’ Ohio is the story of America. Built with hard work, passion, and the belief that, “If you build it, they will come.” What began as a dream nearly twenty years ago has grown into one of the most popular pro bull riding series around. Now thousands call Buckin’ Ohio their summer home.

Denny Thorsell was just 15 years old when he left his Cleveland home for Texas to work as a horse trainer.  As a young man, Denny Thorsell never thought he would be able to live his dream of being a cowboy. After going to work on a ranch cutting, reining, and caring for horses, that dream became a reality.

Later, when his son, Shawn, started riding bulls in high school, Denny discovered a love and appreciation for these amazing animals… the bucking bull, an athlete comparable to no other. Thus, a new dream of a different kind of cowboy was born.

In 2009 Buckin’ Ohio was featured on the Fox 8 television show “That’s Life” with Robin Swobota. Creek Bend Bucking Bulls & Buckin’ Ohio were also featured on “Our Ohio” Television program. Buckin’ Ohio is quickly growing as a premier summer destination. Buckin Ohio has multiple SEBRA awards for Stock Contractor of the Year as well as Event of the Year. Buckin’ Ohio was also honored to receive the prestigious Ohio Traveler Award.

The Thorsell’s believe in strong family values and in giving back to the community in which they live and work. Each event gives us an opportunity to partner and support a local charity.

“We’d love to have you visit our ranch. We’re proud to own one of the only working bucking bull ranches in Ohio — where we live the cowboy life every day.”

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Buckin’ Ohio Family

Eileen Thorsell

  • President

  • Co founder

Denny Thorsell

  • Co founder

  • 1938 – 2017

Shawn Thorsell

  • Stock Contractor

  • Livestock Director

Charis Nelson

  • Social Media Mgr.

  • Hospitality Director