Where the Spirit of the West come to life.

Wild, tough, rich with excitement, for the cowboy and the spectator.  Bull riding has become one of the fastest growing sports in the nation, where the cowboys, as well as the bulls demonstrate their tremendous athletic abilities.  Because of the growing popularity of the sport, both the cowboys and the bulls are becoming nationally known stars.  The Buckin’ Ohio competition is packed full of adrenaline-rushing action and edge-of-the-seat excitement.

Rules of the Sport

The bull rider and the bull are each awarded points.  Many experienced professionals are able to gain scores of 75 or more.  A score above 80 is considered excellent, and a score in the 90s is exceptional.


Two judges, or, sometimes more, are in charge of the scoring.

The ride is scored from 0-100 points. Each judge scores the bull from 0-50 points and the rider from 0-50 points. The combined point totals from both judges make up the final score for the ride.

1). The bull rider must ride for 8 seconds

2). The bull rider rides with one hand and cannot touch the bull with his free hand. If he touches the bull with his free hand, the result is a no score.

3). Points are awarded on several key aspects of the bull rider’s performance.

  • Constant Control
  • Rhythm
  • Balance
  • The rider’s counter moves and his ability to match with the bull’s moves
  • Timing

4).  Points are awarded on several key aspects of the bull’s performance.

  • Buck
  • Kick
  • Spin
  • Speed
  • Athletic Ability

Guest Rules For Entry

Buckin’ Ohio provides a family-friendly environment to enjoy our professional bull riding competition. We ask everyone to support a safe environment and reserve to the right to remove anyone who does not.

Additionally, we ask that guests:

1). Do not bring anything larger than a small cooler.

2). Do not bring pets… only registered service animals will be admitted,