Where the horse’s ability meets the skill of the rider.

Barrel RacingThe agility of the horse and the skill of the rider are keys to successfully maneuvering through a clover leaf pattern around three barrels.

At Buckin’ Ohio we are fortunate to have such a talented group of cowgirls.  They represent the women of rodeo and are as tough as they are beautiful.

Rules of the Sport:

In barrel racing, the fastest time Wins.

  • The time is measured either by an Electric eye, a device using a laser system to record times, or by a judge who drops a flag to let the person timing the event know when to hit the timer stop.
  • The timer begins when horse and rider cross the start line, and ends when the barrel pattern has been successfully executed and horse and rider cross the finish line.
  • Running past a barrel or off the pattern will result in a “no time” score and disqualification.
  • If a barrel racer or her horse hits a barrel and knocks it over, there is a time penalty, usually five seconds, which generally results in a time too slow to win.