Bull Riders:

To Enter Buckin’ Ohio Bull Riding you must be a SEBRA member. The membership fee for SEBRA is $150.00. For details and the membership form go to the Sebra web-site – GoSebra.com.

Once you’re a SEBRA member, any points earned at Buckin’ Ohio are applied to your overall SEBRA score.

If you are not a SEBRA card holder you can purchase a permit to ride in a single event, but you still need to call SEBRA to enter.

 To enter to ride in the Buckin’ Ohio Event:

Call-ins are the Monday preceding the event call between 8:00 p.m–10:00 p.m.

Call  SEBRA  336-861-2219     *8pm.-10pm.*

Barrel Racers:

Competition is SEBRA Barrel Racing. You must have a SEBRA permit. For details and membership form  go to—     GoSebra.com

Call-ins are between 7:00 pm and 8:00 pm on Monday evening prior to each of our events.

Call SEBRA 336-861-2219

Barrel racers will be accepted in the order calls are received. 15 will be taken for the performance.